martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Style Liz #215 - ♡ Welcome {*I ♥ FashiOn*} ♪ & ♩ NewWWw :OW: & [EY:NO] ♡ -

Tattoo: :OW: Tattoo - Morte ( Not Free )
Bangles: ::je::suis::asymetrique::bangles::all colors ( Not free )
Earrings: ::je suis::asymetrique::all colors::earrings ( Not free )

Top: .:: X-RaY::.   ToP-ToP {PiNkY} ( Not free )

Guitar: {*I <3 FashiOn*} - Elettric Guitar ( Not Free - NewwWwww!!! )
Belt: {*I <3FashiOn*} - Survive Happily Belt ( Not Free - NewwWWw!!! )
Eyepatch: {*I <3FashiOn*} Bandage fOr Eye ( Wear ) ( Free! - L$0 - Group Gift )

We give the Welcome to {*I <3 FashiOn*}  An store of accesorys for our who like to have sometrimmings, this store is perfect, i Love the Guitar!! go to the store! :)) ThxXx Patty 

Tongue: [EY:NO] Cool Tongue ( Not Free - OMGgGGGG its simply fantastic and Erotic this tongue I LOVE IT, Andreaa i love your new releases! the tongue have an ice cube but thats not all, it have the detail like its smelting... uffff it makes the imagination Flyyyy!! XD ThxxXXxx Andreaaaa <333 kuss!
Choker: ~Pepper~ Choker - Signs - M/F ( Not Free )

Jeans: :OW: "d-YO" Metal Jeans Colors
"This is the new line of jeans, like their name say of metal colors, i love them, they go super cool with everything, i allways say this but is unavoidable, the textures are very real and they fit very good!, I LOVE THEM! it is worth to have one pair of these jeans, they come in 2 versions, one very very low, but perfect for belly tattoos, or simply go sexy and other a little more high for the most conservative, also it comes with a prim of a dollar in the ass! XD That detail kill me! is really good for our who like to have many accesorys and details, it makes the difference XD, these jeans are Fantastic!!! ThxXxx Frank! ♥"
Tp To :Onyx Wear: 
Also the location where the pic was made is on Onyx Club! so come and take a look!
Tp To :Onyx Club: 

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