domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

Style Liz #326 •● :JeSuis:@Jewelry Fair! ₪ Fame.less News! ●•

Skirt: fame.less HighWaistSkirt leo ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!! And Excellent!!! - Many Textures, sober colors and colorfuls!, you will love them!! ThxXXx Veit! )
Shirt: ~famless~ cuteh shirt giraffe SPECIAL ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!! - These comes in 2 versions, like the one that i am wearing and other falling, Sexy, and you can use it with pasties or the more daring, with nothing! XD also you can combine them with the new Skirts! :) I love them! And they enter in my collection of Animal Prints! )
Skin: [Al Vulo Skins] -  Vero* mauve claveage cacoa ( Not Free - NewWw Tone! )
Hair: [e] Falling - Brown 08 ( Not Free )
Bangles: *YS&YS* Glow Bangles Gold ( Not Free )

Necklace: ::je suis...enchainee::necklace ( Jewelry Fair Item! - NewWWww!! )
Earrings: ::je::suis::Leah::earring::JF2011 ( Jewelry Fair Item! - NewWWWww!!! - Is worthless to repeat this, but i feel that is necessary... For those who already know Je:Suis like me, we know the wonderful that they HUD are, and this isn't different... They have an option to change the Metal, as well as the earrings and the collar... The colors are Bronze, Black, Silver... So always will be an investment buy something on Je:Suis.. With one single item you can combine any clothing!, The stones of the earrings also change their color! \o/ ThxXXx Julia & Winter! <33 )

Nails: je suis...naive v.2 LEOPARD browns HUD ( Not Free - NewWWww!!! - Remember that this is a HUD, so you have to buy first the BASIC NAILS, and then you can change the color/pattern with this Hud! )

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