viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Style Liz #668 - »-> Hunt, Hunt, FreakyDesign & LavandaSquare <-«

Boots: ~Pepper~ Vintage Boots - BROWN  NewWww Not Free. <3
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Charmy-1L
Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*085*Cocoa Not Free
Scarf: CHANTKARE LUCRIZA POP SCARF / SUB GRP GIFT Mesh.  I've received this beauty scarf from the Subscribe, But i was in the store and i didn't found it... I asked the owner and i'm still waiting the answer, i will tell you when i have it :) and if you want to ask her directly she is: Applonia Criss
Bag: FreakyDesign - Cupcake Bag CWH #19 ( Cupcake War Hunt)  <3

Dress: Indyra Originals Casuals: Cerise: Honeysuckle @LavandaSquare*
Glasses: Momiji Hunt - 1 @LavandaSquare* L$ 0
Knob Mouth:  Momiji Hunt - 2 @LavandaSquare* L$ 0
Earring : Momiji gift of hunt 5 @LavandaSquare* L$ 0
Bracelet: ASO!HairElasticDot(Momiji Hunt) @LavandaSquare* L$ 0
At this time is going on one hunt in the LavandaSquare Sim! there are many known stores participating like Indyra Originals, ::Modish::, with some others, The hunt is a little original and fun!, when you reach the sim just wear the group "Lavandachic*" Then search for the "Momiji" Dolls! there are 11 in total and they are spread in all the sim, not only in the stores!!, Once you have them, just wear and touch it, just one of them will give you the Landmark to the secret room where are all the gifts!!, You have to do it because there are many good and cute things!   

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