lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Style Liz #55 - ♥ Pray for Japan ♥

Jacket:  AOHARU_NoCollarJK_Red_[BOX] [TFG] ( L$50 - 100 % for help Japan and you will be contributing to this noble cause)

Jeans: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Japanese Unbuttoned Jeans Ripped ( The proceeds from the sale of these jeans will also be allocated 100% to help the people of Japan, will be on sale from March 16 to April 10 on the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser )

In real life we can collaborate with Japan, they need help from us too much now… And in second life we can collaborate too, thanks to the initiative from many designers those we have to highlight the wok to demonstrate that besides being good artist, there are vocation and very charitable souls, and we have to admire those people because they detachment and noble souls… Thank you very much to everybody who one way or another provides something to help the people in Japan, however little or much, any contribution is important and I know the courage of the Japanese people, other times they have gone through difficult situations as well and that haven’t stopped to rebuild and move forward, my better wishes for the pain and desolation pass soon.
Here I show the designs from: .:: AOHARU - Machang Pichot & Sassy Kitty Designs in the hands of it creator Kinu Mayako ( Thank you very much Kinu! )

Solidarizate provides support XD
We Believe!

Tank: =*BOMBERS*= Tank top Zebra 7Color Pack ( Free! )
Jeans: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Koi Unbuttoned Jeans Ripped  ( I Love them! 2 versions low and Extra low very sexy! xD Thank you very much again Kinu! )

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well said! - I shall be getting these jeans today :D

☆ ★ ㋡ LiZcAr ㋡ ★ ☆

Yay! \o/ Thanks Whisper for look this kisses!...they are really sexy! i love them!
-Bloggers united for this beautiful cause!!- :)

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