viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Style Liz #220 - ☼ Friday Walk on Twinkle Bazaar ☼ -

EarPlugs: BND - Ear plugs ( L$5 - Not Free! Lol! )
FacePlugs: BND - Face plugs #4 ( L$5 - Not Free! Lol! )
Skirt: BND@Twinkle Bazaar Mini skirt + Leggins   -TNB2011 Special Edition- ( Not Free! - But really cheap! - This and the EyePatch are participate on the Twinkle bazzar, that i will explain a bit more later! )
This store was a big discovery for me, First because i love the things with sculpts and i ever wanted an skirt like this, i saw it on many other stores but the price seemed a bit high for me so for my fans, and guess what? I found <<< Bird Next Door that not only had what i wanted since long time and the prices on the store are super Cheappppp!, i bought a lot of things :P i hope you like it so much as i do!.
Skin: [Al Vulo Skins!] - miha 2 * black 2 claveage Hb peach ( Not Free )
Top: d. Select Tops tube top grey ( Not Free )
Gloves: Modd.G Lori Gloves Black ( Free! - L$0 )

EyePatch: BND@Twinkle Bazaar Flower EyesPatch -TNB 2011 Special Edition - ( Not Free! - But really cheap! - This and the skirt are participate on the Twinkle bazzar, that i will explain a bit more later! )

Bag: {*I <3FashiOn*} Funky Bag- Pink ( Not Free - ThxxXxx Patty! )

Top: The Secret Store@Twinkle Bazzar - Twinkle Top - Painted Stars  ( Not free - Twinkle Bazaar Item )
Lollipop: The Secret Store@Twinkle Bazzar- Star Lollipop - Grape Gatcha@Twinkle Bazzar ( Gatcha Item - L$15 - Twinkle Bazaar Item )
Pants: SGB SF2011::C'est la vie !:: lace pants(ivory) ( Free - L$0 - Gift for Sound Gravis Beach Summer Fest - In order to receive the gift you have to join in the group and then click on This Machine so you will get a Hud, then you have to wear it and click on the gift that you want to receive. )
Hair: .:: KMH ::.@Twinkle Bazaar Hair TNB TypeC Incarose ( Free! - L$0 )

Handbag: [Tou Fromc*]@Twinkle Bazzar TNB_star handbag_free ( Free! - For Twinkle bazzar Event! )

Twinkle Night Bazzar event:  You will find things very very cheap! nothing over L$100, and some stores have Gifts! - Go im sure that you will but something!

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Dido Haas

Hey Liz, great place Twinkle Night Bazaar ;-)
Cute isn't it the eyepatch, I had to buy it too.
Super blog entry full of info!
Hugs you

☆ ★ ㋡ LiZcAr ㋡ ★ ☆

ThxxXX Dido! You are our #1 Follower! your comments help us to improve.
It makes me very happy that you like us! Thanks for your support.

Kusss Very!! XD.

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