miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Style Liz #253 - ❋ Summer ❋ @ D.Select! Full of New Beautiftul Things! ♥ -

Well... Today i have much to tell! D.Select bring us many things for this summer! and they are Fantastics!, Maybe you have gone through this store, this new clothes line is Exquisite!, the textures and designs are awesime, i  Love the textures of d.Select, they are super detailed, and very real!, probably you will think the same.

Steffi Villota present us these wonderful bikinis! i say wonderful because the way that take ur shape and they fit perfectly, and they make a very provocative and perfect form on the breasts, another excelent idea is sell them individually so you can mix and match them, or simply use them with other pieces.
Bikini Top: d. Select Tops Bikini red ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Bikini Pants: d. Select Pants Bikini red ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Skin: d. Select Skin Kiddo No. 6 caramel ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Bag: ::je suis::...prete:: ( Not Free - NewWWwww!!! )
Earrings: ::je suis::asymetrique::reds::earrings ( Not Free )
Necklace: ::je suis::asymetrique::reds::necklace ( Not Free )
Bangles: *YS&YS* Bangle 01 SilvRed ( Not Free )
Hair: [e] Again - Essentials Collection ( Not Free )
Rings: ~Pepper~@Marketplace PROMO Bow Set ( Not Free, Special Prize ) 

Bikini top: d. Select Tops Bikini black ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Bikini bottom: d. Select Pants Bikini grey ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Skin: d. Select Skin Kiddo No. 5 caramel ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Hair: W&Y HAIR New 118 "TYPE" A ( Not Free )
Necklace: miel - FRIENDO necklace ( Not Free )
Bracelet: miel - FRIENDO bracelet ( Not Free )

Bikini Top: d. Select Tops Bikini grey ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Bikini Bottom: d. Select Pants Bikini blue stripes ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Skin: d. Select Skin Kiddo No. 4 caramel ( Not Free - NewWWwwW!!!! )
Earrings: ::je suis::asymetrique::blues::earrings ( Not Free )
Necklace: ::je suis::asymetrique::blues::necklace ( Not Free )
Hair: [e] Falling - Essentials Collection ( Not Free )

Skin: d. Select Skin Kiddo ( Not Free - NeeWWww!!!! )
Each Makeup include:
- 2 Skins ( With/without Hairline )
- Shape ( Mod!! )
- Eyes & Eyelashes
- Breast Enhancer: Push up - Small & Very Small
- Teeth as Tattoo Layer

I LOOOOOOVE Kiddo Skins! There are a must to have, you will love them, and also they are full of details, they comes with so many things, the eyes are perfect, very naturals and come on each make up, i said that i love it?
The layers for the breasts are for everyone, i personally like the big round boobies, if you like that way this is the ideal, also they come with 2 more layers, for boobies, for those who want them small, and if you are still unhappy, there are another layer with boobies super small!, ufff you don't have an idea, i can describe it in one only word... AMAZING!! Run!!!!

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