viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Style Liz #272: - ◢ :Onyx Wear: NewWWww Lifted Tops! ●&● ~Pepper~ Lazy Sunday Item! ◣-

Wooohooo!!! For The new Onyx Wear Tops!!, Like always the variety of colors is big, this time you will find that when you buy this wonderful tops they come with a layer of pasties!, these kill me! the texture have like highlight! :), also the prim have a pose like you are lifting your shirt!, many options of prims and all the layers!, XD Is needless to say that i love them and they are Super Sexy!!! ThxXXxx Frankk! Muackkk <3333

Tops: :OW: “MARDi” Lifted Shirt FAT PACK ( Not Free - NewWWww!!!! )

Glasses: ~Pepper~ Sunglasses Necklace (TOUCH) ( Next Lazy sunday item!! - NewWWww!!! - ThxXXx Danni!! <33 )

Other things:
Tattoo Belly: .:: Delusions ::. Dangerously Beautiful  ( Not Free )
Tattoo Chest: .:: Delusions ::. Trust Me, Love Me, Envy Me (3 chest tattoos) ( Not Free - ThxXxxx Whisper!!! <33 )
Skin: [Al Vulo Skins] - miha 2 * black 2 claveage Hb peach ( Not Free )
Skirt: .:: X-RaY ::. Really TiNy SkIrT  BlAcK cOlOuRfUL sTrEaks ( Not Free )
Baggys: [ X-RaY ] - UniSeX -BaGGy DiPeR PaNtS - TeAL ( Not Free )
Belt: ~Pepper~ Color Me - Bracelet ( Not Free )
Bikini Top Black: d. Select Tops Bikini black (wear me) ( Not Free )
Bikini Top Red: d. Select Tops Bikini red dots (wear me) ( Not Free )
Shorts: [EY:NO] Hawt Panty (white) ( Not Free )

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